COVID Guidelines

Last updated SEptember 16, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 threat across the city and the world, we have been working hard to provide a safe and yet convenient playing environment to all of you. First and foremost, please follow New York City guidelines as closely as possible. They can be found here. If you still feel the urge to play table tennis with your friends in a contained/small-scale environment please follow PINGPOD-specific guidelines below.


This rule will be strictly enforced and you will lose your reservation if you don’t follow it. Additionally, please read for guidelines and measures below but most importantly follow ALL GUIDELINES to minimize COVID-19 exposure and contagion. If we see that guidelines are not adhered to we will promptly close the pod until further notice.

Note: We are offering reduced prices due to the extenuating circumstances.

Covid-19 Guidelines

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If you, or anybody in your close proximity to you, experience any symptoms outlined in the following link OR if you, or anybody in your close proximity, have recently tested positive for COVID-19, you are not allowed to enter any pod. Please check for symptoms here: CDC Symptoms of Coronavirus.

A maximum number of 3 people are allowed for each reservation during these times. This allows 2 people to play and 1 person to watch, all keeping more than 6 feet distance from each other at all times.

You must wear a mask during your time in the pod. It is especially important during play. If your personal mask is heavy and tough to breathe in, we provide light surgical masks for your comfort free of charge at every table.

Each pod has a bathroom and a non-contact antibacterial soap dispenser. Please wash your hands frequently but especially after entry in accordance with CDC guidelines.

While table tennis is naturally a non-contact sport, keep your distance from other players, e.g. switch sides on the opposite side of the table OR better yet, don’t switch sides if you can.

A simple tap on the table with eye contact should suffice while saying, “good game!”

This should be done with your elbow and not your hand.

Your hands are the most exposed to the external world. Touching your face with your hands makes an infection possible through the mouth, nose or eyes.

Please wash your hands frequently but especially after entry in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Each pod is equipped with disinfecting wipes next to the table – please wipe down the table during your session and when your session is finished.

Covid-19 Measures

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The max number of people at one table should not exceed 3 in total during this time. This excludes employees who might enter the pod sporadically who are instructed to keep their distance.

Disposable light-weight masks are provided at each table as well as gloves. Gloves can be used for the non-playing hand for the ball handling and ball toss on the serve.

We clean and rotate balls regularly to minimize contagion through the balls. We also disinfect the balls on rotation.

The pod is professionally cleaned on a regular basis; this means disinfecting all surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, bathroom etc.

We provide Clorox disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for anybody to use.

Each table inside each pod is equipped with at least one HEPA filter unit which provides ongoing air filtration. We also consistently cycle fresh air through our pods.

While we believe that exercise and fitness are essential for physical and mental health, especially during these times, we strongly recommend that you operate with caution and adhere to all guidelines provided.

Any urgent questions during your reservation – please call 212-535-3553.

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