Welcome to the
Future of Ping Pong

View times, book tables, purchase a drink, and more, all within a few taps on the PINGPOD web-app. We’ll take care of the experience so you can focus on your game. It’s easy to sign up and even easier to make a reservation. From sign up to reserving a table in seconds and to playing within minutes!

Table Tennis on Demand
Table Tennis for Fitness

Work out, hang out, or both. Each pod is equipped with pro-quality tables and lighting as well as lounge seating and refreshments. Join a community of like-minded individuals who play the game to stay fit or just for fun. Table tennis is a healthy activity for the body and the mind!

Whether you’re a first-time recreational player or a table tennis athlete looking to train, we’ve got you. Meet other community players or hire PINGPOD ’s world-class coaches to really get going. We cater to all levels and hope to take you on the journey from ping pong to table tennis!

Ping Pong on Demand
Ping Pod