National and Club Coaches

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National Coach

Coach Yasiris is one of our youngest coaches and is full of energy. She is very creative and provides fun and customized training plans for her students. She’s a full time student, full time coach and full time professional player.

National Coach

Coach Dora believes in teaching strong fundamentals in a fun and accessible way. She is also a mental performance and life coach helping to develop mental and life skills on and off the table.

Nishaad Shah

National Coach

Coach Nishaad is what you call a ‘sports lover.’ Being a professional table tennis player and armed with a Masters Degree in Sports Management from Columbia University, he aims to make a difference by focusing on grassroots level development to better advance the sport globally.

National Coach

Coach Mati, born and raised in Sweden, is a powerhouse in the Table Tennis world. She has earned numerous Olympic and World Champions berths. Coach Mati is an advocate for women in Table Tennis and she’s looking forward to sharing her vast knowledge and passion with her students.

National Coach

Coach Tahl has a very colorful background as a Table Tennis player and a coach. He’s loved by his students because of his candor and passion for the sport. Coach Tahl is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Mike Popov

Club Coach

Over the years Mike P has been learning Table Tennis from the best players and coaches in the area area, discovering the most value in tactical and mental aspects of the game. He can set up beginners with basic technique as well as provide solid training to intermediate players.

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