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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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It’s easy and fully automated. Use your reservation on your phone (click the ping pong paddle icon or go directly to app.pingpod.com/reservations) to access the secure door(s) when you arrive.

You can access the pod between 10 minutes (5 minutes for Private Pods with separate entrance) before and 30 minutes after your booking by tapping on your reservation under app.pingpod.com/reservations in order to enter or reenter. Currently, during times of COVID-19, we appreciate customers entering the pod right before their booking and leaving the pod as soon as possible after their booking. Of course, you may change and take a reasonable time to get ready.

Our security team will charge penalties to those who significantly overstay and ignore voice downs.

No. We have house paddles and balls in the pod, but feel free to bring your own equipment if you want to. We also sell premium balls onsite as well as other equipment off-site. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Yes! You are allowed to bring a total of 4 people (including yourself) for free. There is a small charge for additional guests for a maximum of 6 people per table. The charge depends on time and pod. If you would like to bring more people, please email [email protected] for pricing.

Yes! Feel free to purchase anything listed on our menu by clicking on the drinks & snacks icon or going directly to www.pingpod.com/shop. Sorry, no alcohol is allowed.

We currently do not have showers in any of our pods. Given the autonomous nature of our pods, we have decided not to add the additional complexity and liability which unisex showers in an unsupervised environment could pose.

Yes! Every pod has at least one designated changing area where you can change in private and leave your street clothes on clean hangers and shoes on a rack. After your play you can change back again and take your time to freshen up. We will also provide permanent lockers at a small monthly charge. Stay tuned for details.

Yes. You can do so from the Cart as you are checking out. There will be a drop-down menu to pick your desired table provided that it’s not already selected by someone else. The default is “auto-assign” which means that the system will pick a table for you by the time you enter the pod (up to 15 minutes before your reservation). 

Yes! You can extend your table time so long as it’s available after your initial reservation. To do so, please book it through your profile (app.pingpod.com/book).

Yes, you can do so at single-table pods in two ways:

  1. In some private pods you can control the music from the tablet in the wall. Find your genre or your song and have fun!
  2. In the more recent private pods you can connect your iPhone (Android soon) directly to the system via Wi-Fi and play your very own music from your phone (instructions on how to do so are on the wall.)

If you stay at the table more than 5 mins past your reservation the system will automatically charge you an additional 30 mins. So please make sure you clear the table when your reservation is finished. You are welcome to stay longer in the pod to collect your belongings and freshen up etc. But the table must be cleared within 5 minutes after your reservation ends. If other people are waiting for their reservation you must clear the table immediately.

Our security team will charge penalties to those who significantly overstay and ignore voice downs.

Yes, in both the iOS app and in the web app. Go to “Account info” and hit “Delete account”.

Yes. You can easily cancel your reservation from app.pingpod.com/reservations (the ping pong paddle icon) through the “Cancel Reservation” button. So long as you cancel prior to 12 hours to your reservation there is no charge. After that, there is a minimal charge of $5/hour up to 2 hours before your reservation. If you cancel within 2 hours you will be charged $5/hour less than what your reservation would have been (in the form of account credit). The reason for this charge is that we will most likely not be able to sell that time slot and it prevented another player from playing while it was booked. Either way, please cancel if you can’t make it. We appreciate it. For detailed cancellation information click here.

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances email us at [email protected].

We employ a third-party security firm which is monitoring each pod 24/7. This firm has a direct connection to the pod via CCTV camera system and built-in speaker system. Also, we have strict rules of the pod which will be enforced in order to keep everybody safe. Rules can be found here.

Yes. Please email [email protected] to do so. Keep in mind, PingPod serves the ping pong community first and foremost. We encourage personal private events but limit the number of corporate private events at the pods. As more pods open we may lift some of those restrictions but, for now, we want to make sure people have a place to play.

Not without a reservation – you must make a reservation to use any table – even if the table is empty. Jumping tables may result in a fine.

No. Neither smoking nor vaping is allowed. If you are caught doing either you may be subject to your account being blocked and a fine.

Our security team will charge up to $500 penalties to those who smoke or vape inside the pod.

No. PingPod does not serve alcohol, nor is it allowed to bring your own alcohol onto the premises. Your account may be suspended if you break this rule.

Our security team will charge up to $500 penalties to those who bring and consume alcohol inside the pod.

Yes. Our security will charge penalties for infractions. The penalties vary depending on severity and escalate especially after ignored voice downs or reminders. The following is a list of infractions that carry penalties:

  • Significant overstaying – up to $250
  • Bringing more than the allowed number of friends for an extended period of time – up to $400
  • Smoking or vaping – up to $500
  • Bringing and consuming alcohol – up to $500
  • Ignoring voice downs and reminder in general – up to $500
  • Breaking or mistreating equipment – no limit
  • Showing disrespect to other customers – no limit
  • and more
Ping Pod
To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC

To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC