Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Yes, for classes, so long as you cancel until 1 day after the first class you will get an 80% refund. If you cancel until 1 day after the second class you will get a 70% refund. After that there are no refunds.

For parties or events, there will be a non-refundable deposit specific to the type of event you are planning.
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If your child missed a class, we may be able to offer make-up classes at another location and/or on another day – all depending on space and class dynamics, 

Yes we do. Email [email protected] for pricing and schedule for your location.

No, as of 8/14/2022 we do not require vaccinations against COVID-19 to participate in our kids’ programs.

Face masks, and vaccinations against COVID-19 is recommended but not required.

Our coaches are all SafeSport Compliant and background checked. We have carefully selected coaches that are able to teach, interact, and make sure the kids are having a good time!

Kids classes are for beginners and intermediate players but not experts. Naturally, some kids will be more advanced than others and for those kids we highly recommend our PRACTICE program which has a lower player to coach ratio than the PLAY program. The coaches will make sure that every kid stays involved and is having fun while learning the fundamentals of table tennis. Please inquire about high performance classes/lessons.

For our PLAY program there will be maximum 8 kids per coach, while the PRACTICE program will be capped at a maximum of 4 kids.

Typically each class will have 1 coach (at one table). So there are between 2 to 6 kids per coach depending on age, level and class.

Please let us know about any allergies. We don’t sell anything containing peanuts at our locations and we will ask other caretakers to not bring anything that can be causing allergies in case your child is allergic.

Yes, all pods are air-conditioned (and heated if need be) with plenty of air circulation including HEPA filtration.

Drop-off is encouraged. However, if there is enough space, conforming with COVID restrictions, you may watch the class. Please check with us before each class. Some classes will be at a Private Pod. If they are filled you can wait in the lounge area – provided there is space.

There will be a late fee of $20 for 5-20 min late arrival, $40 for 20-40 min, and $60 for 40-60 min late arrival. This is due to our coaches having other commitments right after camp is over. We will not leave any kids by themselves so please be on time!

Ping Pod
To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC

To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC