Table Tennis after school PS158

Where kids of all ages play, move, improve, and have fun!

Announcing a new table tennis after school program for fun and learning for PS158 kids! Only 6 spots available per group, Wednesdays (1st-5th grade) and Fridays (Pre-K). First come, first serve!

A certified PingPod coach will pick up your child from school (PS158) at 2:50PM, and walk them to the PingPod location at 515 E86th St, for 2 hours of activities, play, and games. Your child is to be picked up at PingPod at 5PM.

Sign ups are open! The first dates of class is 9/14 (Wednesday) and 9/16 (Friday)! Late sign up is possible! The sign up fee will reflect on how many weeks are remaining.

For more info or questions, please send an email to podlings @ pingpod.com

Late sign up is possible!

AFTER school table tennis schedule

Wednesdays 9/14 – 12/21 (1st-5th graders)
Fridays 9/16 – 12/23 (Pre-K)
13 classes total, with breaks for school holidays


1 Hour Session:
3:00 PM: Check-in, warm-up
3:10 PM: Drills
3:30 PM: Challenges
3:50 PM: Match Play/Game To End Class

The kids had so much fun! Christopher shared that the best part of the camp was learning what he was allowed vs not allowed to do in a game. He has casually played for a couple of years and never really new the rules. Christopher actually lost to his older brother during the scrimmages at the end and was a bit emotional about it. I loved that Coach David was able to talk to Christopher and calm him down. He managed the situation really well as it sometimes can be difficult dealing with competitive brothers. Thank you for being so kind to me and my boys and giving them the opportunity to formally learn more about table tennis (we just learned that’s the official name 😊)! We will definitely be back when we visit NYC again.




Ping Pod
To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC

To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC